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Forgot to wear your Retainer? Lost your retainer? Minor shifting?

Minor relapse tends to be common in our high school/college age patients who maybe aren’t so great about wearing retainers 😉 ….. Sometimes even our adult patients struggle with consistent retainer wear. 🙂  If you have minor relapse and would

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Did You Know Your Orthodontist Offers Botox?

Today, orthodontists can do more than just straighten teeth with braces and aligners . With the proper training, they can also treat everything from crow’s feet to teeth grinding with Botox injections. Botox dental treatment is offered to provide TMJ/

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DIY Braces: Is This Right For Me?

What are DIY braces? They might seem like part of the “do it yourself” (DIY) trend, the idea of building and fixing things on your own. However, there are certain products that demand years of experience and specialized equipment to

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5 Tips to Reduce Pain from Braces

Getting your braces tightened or adjusted isn’t always the most pleasant experience. And no matter how much you love your orthodontist (and how excited you are for your new smile), chances are, you’ve left an appointment or two thinking—my braces

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Does My Kid Need Braces? Here’s What to Look For

You take your child to the dentist regularly, and you have done everything you can to keep their teeth clean, gums healthy, and the cavities away. At your most recent visit to the dentist, you may have heard a suggestion

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Phase I Orthodontic Expansion with Invisalign

Have you heard about Phase I Orthodontic Expansion with Invisalign? Phase I, or early interceptive, orthodontic treatment is usually initiated on children between the ages of 7 and 10 to address significant space problems, if necessary. This treatment typically involves

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Get your skin ready for summer!

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer!

Keeping your skin healthy will keep you smiling this summer.

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May is National Teen Self Esteem Month -- Foote Orthodontics

May is National Teen Self Esteem Month

National Teen Self-Esteem Month was created to raise public awareness about low self-esteem and how it can  affect teens. Negative self-image affects many aspects of their everyday lives. Some evidence shows learning disabilities and increased risk of eating disorders can

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Straight Teeth for Brides

Straight Teeth for Brides…or Anyone Who Wants a Beautiful Smile in Less Time!

Short term braces (limited orthodontic treatment) can provide you with a beautiful smile in six months or less, for that special occasion.

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Closeup of a mouth with braces on teeth and the tongue out, isolated in white

Keeping Your Tongue Clean and Healthy Enhances Your Orthodontic Treatment

Support your orthodontic treatment by keeping your tongue clean. Removing harmful bacteria from the tongue daily will reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath.

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