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Orthodontic options for Teens

At Foote Orthodontics, we offer a full spectrum of orthodontic procedures to ensure your teen gets the treatment they need to straighten their smile and boost their confidence. Invisalign is a great option for some patients, but not all. For others traditional metal or ceramic braces are the best option.  

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What is invisalign teen?

Most teens aren't thrilled about the idea of wearing metal braces. For some, they can be painful or hard to keep clean. Others may even become self-conscious to the point that they smile less often than they used to while wearing traditional braces. Invisalign is an alternative that may suit some teens.

With Invisalign Teen at Foote Orthodontics, your teen can still do all the things they love to do. Sports, musical events, goofing around with friends—Invisalign keeps all of these accessible. And for special occasions, the aligners can be taken out temporarily, so you can smile with confidence for every important event. Our aligners are virtually invisible, so when they’re worn, most people won’t even know notice!

Our Invisalign treatments are the same cost as metal braces, and our initial consultations are always complimentary, so straighter smiles are readily available to everyone.

how does Invisalign work?

Getting started with Invisalign Teen is easy. We use a 3D scanner to create an image of your teen’s teeth that will be used to make the aligners. After scanning, a series of custom aligners will be designed to fit snugly and to be worn progressively until orthodontic treatment is complete. 

Aligners are worn full time and removed only for eating, brushing and flossing. Because the system is removable, your teen has the freedom to eat whatever foods they enjoy, and it's much easier for them to keep their teeth clean.

Invisalign is also ideal for busy schedules. With no wires to poke or brackets to break, there are typically longer intervals between appointments, and fewer emergency appointments to attend.

breathe better, sleep better!

palatal expansion

Palatal Expansion is normally performed in children and teens with moderate to severe cases of crowding. Palatal expansion widens the upper jaw by achieving sutural expansion. The benefit to this type of expansion is that it quickly develops the bone of the upper jaw to relieve crowding. In teens we will often use bone-borne or TAD (temporary anchorage device) expanders to help to relieve crowding and other issues related to a narrow upper jaw, including sleep apnea, snoring, and mouth breathing.

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