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Invisalign Wedding with Foote Orthodontics

Wonderful! You’re engaged! (or your son or daugher is!) Now the rush of planning and making choices begins! Venue, caterer, dress, florist, photographer! Top quality photos of every moment, to be framed and displayed for years to come. Of course you want the smiles in the photos to be the best they can possibly be!

Invisalign is the “Gold Standard” for brides to straighten their teeth….and Invisalign is a great option for all friends and family in the wedding!

Most brides, grooms, parents of the bride and members of the bridal party think that orthodontics is a 2 year commitment. However, with the varying options for Invisalign, whether you are 6 months away from the big day or 2 years, Invisalign treatment can help. Invisalign Express is a great option for minor alignment issues.

Even if you are not quite finished treatment by the wedding day, Drs. Foote and Piskai will remove the clear attachments for your big day and replace when you are back from your honeymoon!

We can also brighten your teeth with KOR whitening to have that gorgeous Hollywood smile, and additionally, offer Botox and Juvederm to help soften facial lines.

Are you ready for your Invisalign Wedding option?  Call to us at (610) 525-6142 to schedule your Complimentary Consultation and for any members of your bridal party!