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With Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First, young children and teens can help to develop the bones and align the teeth without ever having to deal with metal wires and brackets. 

That means you can still do all the things that make these some of the best times of your life! Sports, musical events, goofing around with friends—all great reasons to get Invisalign Teen or Invisalign First to help you achieve the same results as traditional braces.

Special occasion coming up? No problem—just take your aligners out for that time and pop them back in when you’re ready. Of course, even when you’re wearing them, most people won’t even know you’re going through treatment, because they are virtually invisible!

Aligners are worn full time and removed for eating and brushing.  You can eat all different types of food because you can remove the clear aligners during meals. Keeping your teeth clean with brushing and flossing is much easier with Invisalign than with traditional braces.

Invisalign is also ideal for you and your child’s busy schedule, with benefits that include better hygiene, less concern over problematic foods, fewer emergency appointments (no poking wires, broken braces), and longer appointment intervals.

Are Invisalign aligners right for your child or teen?  Call to us at (610) 525-6142 to schedule a complimentary consultation for your child. Learn more about Invisalign Teen and Invisalgin First!