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Uplift AestheticsThe smile is the focal point of the face, and Drs. Foote and Piskai are highly attuned to the balance of the smile: the tooth display, color and shape, symmetry and how this balances with the rest of the face.  There are facial and aesthetic markers of the “ideal” smile that require specific skills and an artistic eye. The expertise of our doctors will help you to achieve your best smile!  Dr. Foote formed Uplift Aesthetics Main Line to offer treatments designed to frame your smile in a subtle, natural way after therapeutically diagnosing facial imbalance. Our goal is to keep all areas of the face harmonious, so that you look refreshed, rested and confident. At Uplift Aesthetics, “less” is always “more” to help personalize and showcase your beautiful smile!

Our doctors have years of training so they are the smile experts! Extensive of oral and oral facial areas gives our doctors comprehensive knowledge of facial muscles expression dynamics.  Consideration of dental and facial proportions is always our primary focus when determining the best treatment for your smile and face, especially the dynamics of the face and smile that occur with age.

Orthodontists are trained to diagnosis, prevent, and treat dental and facial irregularities, including neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities of the developing or mature orofacial structures.  Thus, they are uniquely qualified to affect such conditions through proper diagnosis and the appropriate application of orthodontic interventions, including injectables, Dr. Foote looks forward to helping you smile a bit brighter!

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