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Subtle and Natural

The goal of Uplift Aesthetics is to enhance your smile and face in a subtle, natural way.  Dr. Foote will assess your face as a whole in order to subtly and naturally restore a refreshed and rested appearance.

As we age, our bone mass diminishes, which means less support for the soft tissues of the face.  The forehead, eyebrows, cheek bones, jawline and chin, must always be considered as part of the whole, as treating one affects the look of the other.  It makes no sense to treat one area of the face, (a wrinkle, a fold or a line), without taking into consideration the entire face and smile architecture.

We equate both our diagnosis and treatment planning of your orthodontics to building a house on a foundation. We want to make sure that your foundation is supported, both the bone of the upper and lower jaws, for an ideal orthodontic result, and likewise the facial architecture, so that your smile and face are enhanced.  Focusing on just one feature, perhaps the lips, without taking into consideration the support of surrounding features generally only makes this feature more exaggerated rather than natural. “More” isn’t always better.  For example, augmenting the cheeks and chin, where appropriate, will automatically improve the appearance of the lips, so that they may require only a minimal amount of filler, if any.  

Orthodontic anti-aging treatments utilizing small amounts of Botox and Dermal Fillers may be right for you if you want to boost your self-esteem and improve the aesthetics of your smile, so that you look refreshed, rested and confident.  At Uplift Aesthetics, “less” is always “more” to frame your smile in a subtle, natural way after therapeutically diagnosing facial imbalance. Our goal is to keep all areas of the face harmonious, so that your natural beauty is brought forth to help showcase your beautiful smile!